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Get This Gorgeous Bronzeville Greystone for Just $339,000

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Sometimes you come across a listing for a house that is just so beautiful that you stop and say "Damn, that's one nice house." And this very lovely greystone in Bronzeville definitely impresses. The house may not be for everyone, but those who are interested in seeing what a classic Chicago greystone is supposed to look like, it's a perfect example. And everything is there — the millwork, the built-ins, the beautiful maple floors and the old doors and hardware. It's got newer windows, but that'll certainly come in handy during the cold winters. And not only is the house nice to look at, but the price pleases the eye as well. The listing indicates that the home has been well-loved by long time owners, and it'd be a shame to see all of their work and effort get gutted by a flipper. This one can be had for less than the cost of a condo in Wicker Park — $339,000.

·4806 S Forrestville Ave. Chicago, IL 60615 [Redfin]
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