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Introducing Curbed's 2015 Class of Groundbreakers

Welcome to awards season 2015, when we at Curbed will be profiling the best people in the design biz, nominated by you and juried by the staff editors. We just kicked off the week with an intro to our Young Guns winners, who will be profiled all week long here on Curbed; and now, some details on our first-ever class of Groundbreakers.

In years past, Curbed has tended to throw designers of every stripe into one big potpourri of praise for our Young Guns award. This year, we decided to create a standalone category for architecture practices—because, let's be real, architecture is not a quick process. It takes a long time to conceptualize and then build an actual building. Thus, Curbed's inaugural Groundbreakers award honors dozens of architects, from eight firms both seasoned and new, who are making cutting-edge work that's changing the way the built world functions.

Over the next week, we'll be dropping several winner profiles a day, for a total of nine Young Guns and eight Groundbreakers. Stay tuned for lots, lots more, including some behind-the-scenes action with our 2015 class and lots of social media extras via Curbed's Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter channels.

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