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River North Car Wash to Get New Bondage Den Neighbor

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Generally public notices alert neighborhood residents to an upcoming coffee shop, bar or another type of small commercial operation, and often just go unnoticed. However, a new permit application notice that has popped up at 356 W. Superior has caught the eye and attention of River North residents. According to the notice spotted by and published online by a Redditor, a private club that specializes in BDSM is taking over the space above the River North Hand Car Wash on Superior Street. And in typical Reddit fashion, the thread is filled with innuendo and thinly-veiled references to bondage and domination. It's not exactly clear if the space will become Galleria Domain 2's second location or if they are just moving from their current location in the Bucktown/Logan Square area. Either way, the River North, which is known for its night life and clubby vibe will be getting a lively new neighbor.
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