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Watch Wrigleyville Erupt After the Cubs' Big Wild Card Win

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So, the Cubs won a game last night. What's the big deal, right? To outsiders, it may not seem like much, but to Chicago's North Side residents, last night's win was truly something to celebrate. As Chicagoans well know, the Cubs have a storied history of just simply being bad. The team's nickname is the "Lovable Losers" after all. However, the Cubs are no longer losers and the team's curse has been lifted as the Northsiders have finally advanced beyond the wild-card match to meet longtime rival St. Louis Cardinals in the postseason. Wrigleyville erupted after the win, looking like something from a fictional scenario, and the celebration will continue through the weekend as the Cubbies head to St. Louis for their next big test. If the Cubs triumph, expect a much, much bigger celebration.

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