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Historic Kedzie Boulevard Mansion Lists for First Time in Years

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A Logan Square mansion turned club house turned daycare center has just hit the market this week, presenting a big opportunity for those with some creative ideas. The 7,500-square-foot mansion hasn't been a single family home in many, many decades and although the listing agent suggests that it could once again be one, it'd certainly be a very expensive undertaking. Logan Square Preservation reached out to provide some history on the mansion, which for several decades was the club house for The Chicago Society, a local affiliate of the Polish National Alliance. During its years as the home of The Chicago Society, the mansion featured a swanky '60s lounge and even an exotic Polynesian-themed room. The mansion was sold fifteen years ago and has spent that time serving as a daycare center. Logan Square's obsession with cocktail joints and themed bars is getting to the point of becoming comical, but what if this old mansion is one day converted back into a retro event space? It's currently asking $1.6 million.

·2222 North Kedzie Boulevard, Chicago, IL [Estately]
·Club house [Chicago Society of the Polish National Alliance]