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#ThisPlaceMatters: Touring Historic Theaters Across the U.S.

All month long in October 2015, Curbed and National Trust for Historic Preservation are teaming up on #ThisPlaceMatters, a social campaign highlighting the most beloved places across America. Our motto at Curbed is "Love where you live," which ties in succinctly with the National Trust's mission to highlight everyday buildings and places alongside those officially earmarked for historic preservation. We're looking to you, our readers, to submit photos of your favorite places, preserved or not, on Instagram and Twitter by tagging them with #ThisPlaceMatters. Don't forget to tag Curbed and @savingplaces, too.

In our time-shifted, mobile-enabled, go-anywhere entertainment landscape, there's something radical about the design of classic theaters. Between the elaborate facades, illuminated marquees, and ornamental interiors, these structures celebrate a time, not so long ago, when entertainment was only experienced in a crowd, when plays and movies were communal.

First up, an Art Deco masterpiece in Spokane, Washington >>