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What Chicago Would Look Like if the Cubs Won a World Series

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With the Cubs preparing for their big wildcard playoff game against the Pittsburgh Pirates, there has been a lot of discussion about how far the Cubbies may be able to go this season. Will the North Side get a World Series title for the first time since 1908? It's not very likely, but many are remaining hopeful. It's no secret that the North Side has been longing for a World Series pennant for decades, and this year's Cubs squad led by Joe Maddon could possibly pull a surprise move on everyone and bring it back to Chicago. If there's anything the Cubs are known for, it's for their legacy of losing. But even if the Cubs just simply make it to the World Series, it's safe to say that Chicago would almost completely implode. This clip (spoiler alert: it's a commercial for a video game) from 2012 depicts what Chicago could look like after the big W, and it's quite fantastic. Yes, it's a commercial and yes, it's a few years old, but there's actually a surprising amount of effort that went into this short video. It may be our year. Back to the Future even predicted it.

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