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Two-Tower Development Looking to Land on Clybourn Corridor

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Have you spotted a new construction site near your home or office or stumbled upon a rendering online? Be sure to drop Curbed a message via our anonymous tip line, open 24/7. Anonymity is guaranteed.

Two new residential projects are looking to join the rental tower at New City in tapping into the demand for residences along the Clybourn Corridor near Lincoln Park. Last week, Crain's came across the zoning application from two separate developers who are looking to build new rentals along the Clybourn Corridor, including a two-tower development that would deliver 407 new residences to the area. The highlight of the plan from CRM Properties Group is a 29-story RTKL-designed tower at 901 W. Weed Street, which is currently a row of retail spaces.

The plan doesn't exactly spell out whether the development will be condos or rentals, but 407 residences split between two towers may very well spell out more rentals. According to the plan, the developer would incorporate the current retail tenants into the new development. An anonymous tipster dropped has provided us with a rendering of the new tower plan, which would occupy nearly an entire city block.

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