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Discussing Photography, Chicago Architecture Biennial With Iwan Baan

When clicking through coverage of architecture, the buildings and designers may change, but one thing, or name, often remains the same. Dutch photographer Iwan Baan has become today's pre-eminent architecture photographer, with an ability to "humanize" projects that keeps him constantly circling the globe shooting high-profile projects. He was still carting around his top-of-the-line Canon camera and living out of a suitcase when we spoke to him at the Chicago Architecture Biennial last week, where he has a new series of photos on display; he was returning from shooting in New Caanan, Connecticut, and on his way to Washington, D.C. to shoot the expansion of the Glenstone Museum. Curbed spoke to Baan about his process and philosophy, and why "it's so important to step back from the architecture and really show where a place is."

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