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Here's a Sweet West Loop Timber Loft With Some Neat Extras

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Not all timber lofts were built the same, and this one bedroom, one bathroom unit at 400 S. Green Street has some nice touches and neat extras. It's got all the standard stuff to make it a true timber loft — exposed brick walls, tall timber ceilings and an open floor plan. But if you look close enough, it's got what looks like a little vault room. The listing calls it a "safe" room, and sure enough, there's an old iron door that leads to a small room. While it could be ideal for stashing away valuables, the room looks just big enough for a crib as the current owners have illustrated for us. The other really neat extra is the outdoor patio area. It seems like every freaking downtown building has the standard bolt-on balcony, but this one is really special and looks like a great spot for sharing a beer or glass of wine with a friend or partner. While this loft is technically in the West Loop, it's right on the border of the neighborhood and close to the dreadful Jane Byrne Interchange. Highway noise could certainly be an issue, but otherwise, it looks like a solid spot. It's asking $325,000.

·400 S Green St #218 Chicago, IL 60607 [Redfin]
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