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Luxury Loft Rentals On the Way to Clark Street in Rogers Park

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A row of brick and terracotta-clad buildings on Clark Street in Rogers Park are currently being renovated to make room for 11 luxury loft rentals. A reader sent over a few photos of the project at 7056 N. Clark Street and the building permit that hangs in the window offering more details on the project. According to the permit, the retail spaces will remain, but the buildings will be converted from an SRO and church to new luxury residences. A sign currently hanging on the scaffolding outside of the three-story yellow brick building indicates that the new project is being called The Lofts at RP Station. A quick search of the website listed on the sign didn't reveal anymore details regarding pricing or availability, but the permit lists RDG Fund and Residential Dynamics Group as the project's developers.

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