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Pullman Residents Split Over Affordable Artist Lofts Proposal

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Earlier this week, Pullman residents were given another look at the proposed mixed-use plan to build artist housing in the neighborhood's historic district. And while some residents praised the plan, others remained skeptical, the Tribune reports. A coalition of groups led Minneapolis-based organization Artspace and the Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives, is looking to build 40 units of affordable housing on a vacant stretch on Langley Avenue. The plan includes a new building from VOA Associates that would fit in between two historic buildings that will be renovated and incorporated into the project. Rents would range from $400 to $1,200 per month and the new residences will include one- to three-bedroom units, with plenty of room for live-work artists.

Despite $15 million investment that the project could bring to the neighborhood, the Tribune reports that some residents are concerned whether the new artist housing building will fit in with the historical context of the neighborhood's existing buildings while others feel that there hasn't been enough discussion or community input taken into account. However, if the proposal does move forward, it could be completed within the next two years.

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