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Logan Square Lands $37M in Construction Permits in One Week

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If there's anyone still doubting that Logan Square hasn't become one of the hottest markets in Chicago, all you have to do is simply look at the numbers. In the week of October 18 through the 24th, Logan Square had over $37 million worth of projects receive new construction permits. According to the construction activity and data site Chicago Cityscape, this massive influx in permitting activity for Logan Square can be attributed to five projects.

The controversial twin tower project for Milwaukee Avenue near the California Blue Line station received two permits last week — one with an estimated cost of $14 million for the 12-story building and another estimated at $11 million for its neighboring 11-story building. In addition, the project for Armitage Avenue that is taking the place of the Terry Dowd warehouse received a new construction permit that estimates the cost of the project at $10 million. Further down the list is a couple of smaller projects. A permit with the estimated construction cost of $1.592 was issued for a townhouse project on Monticello and Central Park. Finally, there was a permit issued for a three-unit apartment project valued at $450,000.

There are still many more projects in the pipeline with hundreds of more apartment units looking to make their way along Milwaukee Avenue.

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