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First Look: Vista Tower Tweaks, Amenities Unveiled at Second Public Meeting

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The proposed Vista Tower for the Lakeshore East neighborhood was reintroduced last night at a public meeting with some design tweaks and new information regarding amenities and traffic flow. Alderman Brendan Reilly kicked off the presentation by stating that many of the changes were made due in part from the suggestions of neighboring residents made after the first meeting in April. Magellan's Sean Linnane led the presentation, which primarily discussed the changes to the Lakeshore East Planned Development along with a slew of "public benefits" that the new Studio Gang-design tower plan would provide not only for Lakeshore East residents, but for the city. While the tower could become the city's third tallest, Magellan says that it is not asking for more density than what was previously approved for the Lakeshore East master plan. Instead, the developers want to combine two parcels and boost the height on it, while scaling back the height on other.

Linnane described the tower as a "signature building" that will feature condos that are "almost twice the size of most other condos in Lakeshore East." (Linnane followed up by joking that the sales office is open at the Coast tower.) But all buzzwords aside, the tower would officially be declared a supertall if it stands at the proposed height of 1,144 feet, and it would certainly make a noticeable impact on the Chicago skyline. The tower will feature a mixture of large condos and hotel rooms. The proposed breakdown is 406 residences, 205 hotel rooms and 346 parking spaces. In addition, the building would feature a 5,400 square foot ballroom, a new public art sculpture at the building's entrance and connections to the Lakeshore East pedway system and the city's Lakefront Trail.

Beyond the tweaks in exterior design and traffic flow, Linnane also unveiled the list and names of some of the building's planned amenities and features. While Linnane warned that names and build outs are still not yet finalized, the tower will feature a lobby lounge, two full service restaurants, a bar and a spa. And in addition to the tower's residences and luxury offerings, Linnane listed off a slew of so-called public benefits. Some of these benefits range from tigher security and more lighting to infrastructure improvements. Other more macro-level benefits include foreign investment in Chicago to continuing the city's legacy of bold architectural. While elected officials and developers always suggest that meetings are for residents to have their say and offer their suggestions, the proposal seems to be well refined and ready to move forward.

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