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Prism Sculpture May Anchor the Plaza at the Hancock Center

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A redesign of the plaza in front of the iconic John Hancock Center on Michigan Avenue may include a new sculpture to help liven up the space. At a meeting last night, Stephen Hearn, the owner of the tower's office space, suggested that the plaza is not very attractive or inviting, and could use some changes to draw more people to the area, DNAinfo reports. The plan is to remove the steps that currently exist and to erect a glassy, 39 foot tall bundled-prism sculpture from Skidmore, Owing & Merrill in the center of the plaza. Hearn suggested to the crowd that the plaza should become and "iconic space" that would pair with an iconic building. According to DNAinfo, Alderman Brian Hopkins helds a straw poll at the meeting, which indicated that attendees supported the proposal.

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