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Pilsen Bow Truss Coffee Hit Yet Again By Anti-Gentrification Vandals

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The Bow Truss Coffee Roasters location in Pilsen has been targeted and vandalized yet again by anti-gentrification graffiti, Eater Chicago reports. The store has become a favorite for anti-gentrification activists as the latest round of vandalism marks the second time the store has been hit this year. While the first instance of vandalism specifically pointed to and criticized the gentrification of the Pilsen neighborhood, the latest signs are much more direct in demanding "White People Out of Pilsen!" Another sticker reads "Pilsen still doesn't want you." Bow Truss owner Phil Tadros tells Eater that the message is "misplaced" and that his company consists of a diverse staff. In addition to the stickers, a door was tagged with the message "Pilsen is not for sale!"

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