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Exposed Brick Two Bed in Humboldt Park Can Be Had for $200K

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Home prices have been on a noticeable uptrend in the last 24 months, but there are still some really impressive deals to be found. During the recession, it wasn't uncommon at all to find nice condos in Humboldt Park or Logan Square in the sub-$200K range. Things have since changed, and it's pretty tough to find much in that range these days. However, here is a nice exposed brick two bedroom in Humboldt Park that is asking exactly $200,000. There's no floor plan and square footage isn't listed, so it's hard to tell exactly how big or small it feels. However, judging from the photos, it does look like a small (or as brokers would say, "cozy") two bedroom. It's not far from the Division, California and Western buses and is only a short walk from Ukrainian Village.

·2657 W Cortez Street #3 Chicago, IL 60622 [@properties]
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