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The easiest way to increase the space in your apartment

What's the first thing you think of when you hear the word "self-storage"? Hauling boxes and furniture to and from a Lake Shore Drive dungeon AKA hell?

Luckily, there's MakeSpace. They pick up your space-hogging stuff (like your summer clothes, AC unit, bike, and sofa), store it for you, and deliver everything back whenever you want.

Depending where you live in Chicago, MakeSpace can even drop off storage bins (each bin can store 12 pairs of shoes, or 30 shirts and 10 sweaters) and pick them up on the same day.

Even better, they're giving you $50 of free storage.

Simply schedule a free pickup at (or through MakeSpace's app to see if same-day appointments are available in your area), enter code CURBED50, and do whatever you want with your extra space and time.