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John Ronan-Designed Lake Shore Drive Co-op Returns

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A spacious and pricey co-op on Lake Shore Drive near the heart of the Magnificent Mile has returned to the market. However, it's not just any old, stuffy Near North pad — this one has been redone by architect/designer John Ronan. Ronan, who gained prominence for his work on the Poetry Foundation building, has left his mark on this unit. Strewn with recessed lighting and wood paneling, this co-op first entered the market a few years ago with a price tag over $5 million. It's since bounced on and off the market and returns yet again. This time it's looking to get $4.25 million. Will its architectural resume and lower price finally entice a buyer? Tough to say. Maybe it's time to bring in a fluffer and get some new fancy shots.

·209 East Lake Shore Drive Unit 1E, Chicago, IL [Estately]
·John Ronan-Renovated Mega Co-op Down $1.5M in 18 Months [Curbed Chicago]