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Three Other Frank Lloyd Wright Houses That Are Struggling to Find a Buyer

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While homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright get a lot of attention when they hit the market, many can go months or even years before finally finding a buyer. Each Wright house has a unique flair and architectural quality, but many also present their own challenges to sellers. The George Madison Millard house in north suburban Highland Park is one of those homes that has been on the market for years and taken numerous price cuts. This past week, the house took its 12th price cut, lowering the ask to $749,000. However, there are other Wright-designed houses in the Chicago area that either listed or returned to the market this year but have had no luck in finding a new owner. There's probably a German word for feeling sympathy towards such beautiful homes that desperately need some love.

Avery Coonley House
Wright's famous Coonley House in suburban Riverside reentered the market this April with a $2.1 million asking price, but has taken a $100,000 reduction this week. The 6,000-square-foot house is certainly one of Wright's most grand homes in the Chicago area, but this spacious Prairie schooler is still struggling to find a buyer. It originally hit the market five years ago with a lofty $2.89 million asking price while the real estate market was still fragile. There's a good chance that it'll continue to languish for the near future.

F.B. Henderson House
The Henderson House in Elmhurst looks about damn near perfect, but the majestic Prairie school home is having trouble getting some love from a potential buyer. The house has been on and off the market for the last eight years, and was most recently priced for under $1 million. The home is absolutely beautiful and features 80 art glass windows, but the house has taken a break from the MLS and may be planning a return sometime here in the coming months.

10541 S Hoyne Ave.
It's actually a bit surprising that this house has had trouble finding a buyer. First, it's located within Chicago proper and not way out tucked away in the burbs, and second, it's been updated enough to feel totally livable. It's also just a nicely kept house that looks very much like a classic Wright. The only thing is has going against it though is that it's not necessarily a unique Wright house as it's one of the early pre-prefab models of the Wright-designed American System-Built Houses. Perhaps if it were a commissioned home, it may have been scooped up immediately, but instead it has exited the market for the time being. ·Frank Lloyd Wright's Famous Coonley House Officially Returns With $2.1M Ask [Curbed Chicago]
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