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Stylish Brick Two-Flat Near Palmer Square Seeks $499K

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With this property, not only do you get a home, but you'll have an opportunity to collect a rental income as well. The rent may not cover the mortgage, but it'll certainly help out a great deal. Located on Dickens Avenue near Palmer Square, this classic brick two-flat has been well maintained and has also received some nice updates. The most noticeable upgrade in the kitchen — which boasts commercial-grade appliances and eye-popping red tile. The listing agent also mentions that the building has received some repairs to the roof, windows and the exterior brick facade. But that's not all. There's also a really nicely manicured backyard and matching two-story brick garage as well. This one is asking for $499,000 and may likely get it sooner than later.

·2848 W Dickens Ave. Chicago, IL 60647 [Redfin]