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A Home With Killer Views, Graphic Interiors, and Historic Roots

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[images via Redfin]

This one-bedroom condo has the expected amenities of high rise building. But then, there are a couple extra perks. Let's start with the building itself. This boutique property, designed by modernist architect Bertrand Goldberg, was originally the high-end Astor Tower Hotel. Mega stars, including Audrey Hepburn and the Beatles, have come to this address. The city's first discotheque, Maxim's, opened in 1965. So, if you want a home with history, this is a good contender. Now, let's look at the home itself.

Bonus points for being a corner unit. Once inside, you're hit with an aura of graphic appeal through geometric patterns: strongly patterned rugs anchor the interiors. And the wallpaper begs for your attention. It's even on the ceiling in the kitchen. Perhaps the only questionable pattern is in the bedroom, which seems like a design to stimulate imaginative dreaming. All of this can be yours for $225,000 + $709/month HOA fees.

·1300 N Astor St Unit 7B Chicago, IL 60610 [Redfin]
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