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Three Bedroom at the Carlyle Asks $2.55M, and It's Worth It

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[images via Redfin]

This Carlyle home's renovation is tasteful and understated. Although it was constructed in the 1960s, the interior has an element of contemporary luxury. Don't believe? Look inside.

The positive elements abound. It's spacious: 2,950 s.f. is a lot of home. There's a serene view. And from a sales maximization point of view, there's nothing outrageously eccentric about the interior, so it really seems to appeal to a majority. The entire building's amenities (including a ballroom) and the home itself make a wonderfully solid choice for a buyer-to-be in this price category.

But, admit it. It's all really comes down to that bathroom and closet. Amazing. And if you disagree, you're denying a fundamental truth to the opulence of the space. To hang one's clothes in there, accessible immediately from the bathroom, is worth every penny of this property's price tag.

·1040 N Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, IL 60611 [Redfin]
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