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Duplex Penthouse Wants to Drench You in Sunshine for $549K

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The listing promises to drench you in sunlight, and it seems to be kinda possible. At least on a sunny day. For a three bedroom with three decks to match, this one has wonderfully dramatic high ceilings (25' high, to be exact).

One of the two bathrooms has a jacuzzi tub and separate shower, so there's promise of the spa experience at home.

For $549,000 + $118/month HOA fees, you get a pretty good view and an 1800 s.f. space to stretch out. Garage parking is included in the price.

This duplex looks like a good deal. And everything is perfectly neutral, so it's easy to imagine living there. Kudos to the staging team.

·1142 North Winchester Avenue, Chicago, IL 60622 [Redfin]