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LAST CALL: Curbed Groundbreakers Nominations Close Today

Attention! Today is your last chance to nominate an architect for Curbed's inaugural class of Groundbreakers! Groundbreakers is Curbed's first-ever award for architects who are pushing boundaries with innovative, revolutionary new ideas. In years past, we included architects in Curbed's Young Guns search, but let's be real: It takes a long time to conceptualize and create a building, and setting an age limit excludes too many nascent design practices. Curbed's inaugural Groundbreakers class will honor dozens of architects, seasoned and new, who are making cutting-edge work that's changing the way the built world functions—from a 20-year veteran who's radicalizing how cities design affordable housing to the precocious recent graduate who built a solar-powered micro home.

There is no age requirement for Groundbreakers, but candidates must have completed at least one built project, and they must be based in the United States. Once we've amassed our nominees, we'll select the best of the best and feature the finalists, and their work, on Curbed this November.

We want Curbed Groundbreakers to be the most democratic of awards, so the nomination process is open to everyone, and you can absolutely send in more than one name. Nominations close at midnight today, October 1, so hop to it, and fill out the nomination form now.

(Are you a designer? We have a separate awards program for all other facets of design right over here).
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