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Gentrification Series Will Discuss Changes in Logan Square

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Logan Square's seemingly exponential growth over the last few years, as well as the upcoming conversion of neighborhood standbys and new apartment projects, has long been a source of gentrification angst over the loss of neighborhood identity and residents being pushed out due to increased rent. To engage locals and discuss explore these topics,
We Are Logan Square/Somos Logan Square has planned a series of community events and dialogues starting next Wednesday that will help unpack this loaded term and discuss strategies to create a more stable and affordable neighborhood.

In perhaps an unintended example of symbolism, one of the events on the history of gentrification will be held at St. Luke's Church, a more than century-old community center that is weighing a decision to sell, in part due to a shrinking congregation caused by a "radical demographic shift."

1/14/15: 7-8:30p
The Basics | Los Conceptos Básicos:
Grace Methodist Church at 3325 West Wrightwood Avenue

01/17/15: 12-1:30p
History of Gentrification | Historia De Gentrificación
St. Luke's Lutheran Church at 2649 North Francisco Avenue

01/21/14: 7-8:30p
Racism and Classism | El Racismo Y El Clasismo
Grace Methodist Church at 3325 West Wrightwood Avenue

01/24/15: 12-1:30p
Affordability Saving Diversity | Asequibilidad Diversidad Ahorro
Humboldt Park United Methodist Church at 2122 N Mozart Street

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