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Even More Residences & Retail Planned for Milwaukee Avenue

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Yet another vacant lot on Milwaukee Avenue just steps away from the California Blue Line station in Logan Square may be filled with more apartments and retail. According to a zoning application filed in December, developer Todd Braun of Dearborn Developers, LLC is looking to plant a six story building that will add 40 new residential units and over 12,000 square feet of ground floor retail space to the booming Milwaukee Avenue corridor in Logan Square. However, unlike other proposals for nearby lots, the plan does not appear to be a transit-oriented development, as it will include 31 indoor parking spaces. According to preliminary drawings, the exterior of the building will be comprised of brick with metal and glass accents. The application also indicates that the property at 2240 N. Milwaukee Avenue is currently owned by three members of Alderman Tom Tunney's family. The long-vacant lots on Milwaukee Avenue between Western Armitage and Fullerton are being scooped up quick, and this new plan joins a few other significant projects for the quickly changing neighborhood.

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