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Chicago Ranked Relatively Low for 2014's Highest Rent Prices

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While rent prices are rising in Chicago, average rents are still nowhere near what San Franciscans, Washingtonians or New Yorkers are paying. According to new data from Zillow, Chicago doesn't even break the top ten cities with the highest average rent. Instead, Chicago actually takes the number 15 spot, ranking just above Portland, Oregon and below Austin, Texas. According to the numbers, the average monthly rent payment for Chicagoans was just under a thousand bucks at $991. San Jose, Califonia takes the top spot with an average monthly rent payment of $1,807, with San Francisco, D.C., San Diego and L.A. rounding out the top five. At times, Chicago may feel colder than Siberia, but at least the Windy City is still a very affordable one compared to other large metro areas.
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