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At Last, There's a Bingo Card for Chicago Parking Dibs

To commemorate Chicago's turn to frozen feuding, when snow and unplowed side streets pit neighbor against neighbor in a fight for parking supremacy, Curbed Chicago has teamed up with illustrator Michael Conway to produce for you the first ever Chicago Parking Dibs Bingo card. That's right, Chicago's very own chair-ished tradition is now a playable game. The way that dibs tends to elicit serious passion from Chicagoans, whether it's expressed through written notes, stolen chairs or unique public art installations has conjured up inspiration, and now there's a way to participate in Chicago's dibs madness without actually digging out a spot for yourself.

To play, print out the handy game card — heck, laminate it and use it to save a spot — and watch your block or neighborhood throughout the winter. Mark off any object you see being used to save a space. If you get five in a row, congratulations! Playing is simple, reserving a spot is hard.

Download your very own parking dibs bingo card here

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