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Groupon CEO Eric Lefkofsky the Man Behind $19.5M Home Sale

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Last summer saw the sale of a Glencoe home for $19.5 million, becoming the priciest home sale in the Chicagoland area ever. However, what was not known was who the buyer was. Today that mystery is over as the Tribune's Bob Goldsborough reports that the nearly-twenty million dollar man is none other than Groupon cofounder and CEO Eric Lefkofsky. The large Howard Van Doren Shaw designed home was built in 1917, but has received major renovations, including an expansion that buffed up the size of the home to 15,800 square feet. And according to Goldsborough, Lefkofsky is looking to expand the French Normandy-style Glencoe home even more, with the help of Chicago's Studio Gang Architects. The cash purchase of the home still remains the most expensive home sale in the Chicago metro area, despite the recent sale of the large raw penthouse in the Trump Tower for $17 million.

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