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Demolition Imminent at the Old 28 Acre Finkl Steel Complex

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We all knew it was coming, but now there is hard proof that indeed the old A. Finkl & Sons Co. complex's days are numbered. The industrial park was the home of Finkl Steel for 112 years, however the company relocated to the South Side after an acquisition by a German steel producer back in 2007. Last September, former Finkl execs announced that many of the buildings on the 28 acre campus would be razed, and since then there has been much speculation about what may come. So far, there's been talk of the property becoming the home to a new high tech campus, some speculation that residential and retail could sprout at the site, and even an ambitious suggestion to extend the 606 trail beyond Ashland to allow bicycle commuters to ride all the way to the former Finkl complex.

The sprawling site is currently zoned as a planned manufacturing district (PMD), a major hurdle for developers that want to build residences and retail. In a previous report, Crain's has estimated that developers could invest up to $1 billion redeveloping the property in coming years. The fate of the 28 acre site is still yet unknown, but for now, the buildings that once employed steelworkers are coming down. According to a sign on the new fence surrounding one of the buildings, 90% of the material from the demolition will be recycled. So perhaps the site's famous arches will be recycled. It's not likely, but who knows? It could become a keepsake and reminder of the neighborhood's industrial past.
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