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Once Again, Everyone is Leaving Illinois for Other States

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Here's a shocker: yet again, Illinois has ranked among the top states that people are leaving according to United Van Lines' annual National Movers Study. According to the data, Illinois ranked third in the nation for states that have the most households packing their belongings and moving on to greener pastures. This marks the sixth year in a row that Illinois has been in the top five for states with the most residents heading outbound. So what does all of this mean for Chicago?

Well, as of last summer, new census numbers indicated that after years of decline, Chicago's population was actually beginning to grow again— albeit at a meager 0.3%. So although the overall picture for the state itself seems to be one that is on the decline, Chicago is trying to buck the trend and bring more residents within city limits. Illinois trails only New Jersey and New York for the states with the most outbound moves, while Oregon, South Carolina and North Carolina are taking in more households than they are losing.
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