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Union Station Repairs and Upgrades Are on the Way

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The makeover of Union Station, Chicago's crowded and occasionally leaky Beaux-Arts beauty, is set to begin soon after a $12M contribution from Amtrak, DNAinfo reports. One of the nation's busiest train stations, the building hasn't seen any major investment in repairs or upgrades since 1989, and any rider who has visited during peak times can attest to the need to make navigating through the packed corridors a more pleasant experience. Amtrak's investment is earmarked for concourse expansion and repairs to the station's exterior.

This infrastructure investment is only the beginning of the long-awaited Union Square Master Plan, a $500-million-dollar proposal to update the 1925 station designed by Daniel Burnham. One of the first addition, a Union Station Transportation Corridor to help anchor the Loop Bus Rapid Transit system, is expected to be finished relatively soon. The project is just one of three major transportation projects that the city had previously promised to break ground on in 2015.

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