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The Only Thing Loving the Wrigley Field Renovation are the Rats

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The Friendly Confines already has an issue with a particular goat, and according to a recent Tribune story, it now also has a rat problem. Stadium renovation has inconvenienced neighbors in ways you might expect, such as construction noise and reduced parking (though to be fair, the Cubs have opened up spaces in the green lot at 1126 West Grace Street to residents). What came as a surprise to some is the number of rats they've spotted in alleyways, occasionally, as one evidently unhappy Wrigleyville neighbor noted, running rampant in the daytime. While no official complaints have been lodged with the city, many locals are complaining, and one even hired a private exterminator. At this point, the only people happy with the reconstruction situation are ticket brokers who can charge higher prices for opening day due to less available seating.
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