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You Likely Won't Be Working the Land at this Modern Farmhouse

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Steel fireplace, master bedroom and bath with heated floors, chef's kitchen; this Hinsdale home isn't exactly American Gothic. But if you've got a ceiling with wooden beams, why not appeal to the rugged frontiersman in all of us? Built last year, the well-appointed four bedroom, 7,260 square foot home is to a farmhouse as picking greens from the produce aisle of Whole Foods is to farming, but it does have its charm. The exterior, with a slate roof and copper gutters set to develop a nice patina, offer a step up from a typical suburban exterior, and the living room and finished basement offer lots of space. This new homestead near the train and downtown Hinsdale is going for $1.8 million.

·361 Hampton Place, Hinsdale, IL [Estately]