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Rent This Classic Andersonville Three Bedroom for $1,850

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In case you missed the news from last week, Andersonville's real estate market is predicted to be not only the hottest in the City of Chicago, but one of the hottest in the country. Such news might send shivers down the spines of renters, who fear their landlords will ratchet up the rent rates due to the anticipated market boom. However, there's still plenty of great spots to rent that won't cost you every penny you earn. Take for instance this nice three bedroom, one bathroom second floor unit in the heart of Andersonville. It's got a little bit of an old school vibe mixed with some updates and a really large backyard. The landlord is asking $1,850 per month for it. A garage space will set one back another $100 per month, but hey, heat's included.

·1429 W Rascher Ave #2 [Zumper]