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Permits Issued for Controversial Wrigley Field Video Boards

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It's official: permits have been issued for bleacher expansion as well as the construction of two video screens at Wrigley Field, valuing the projects at $6 million and $5 million, respectively. The latest plan for the installation of two signs includes moving the right field video board 30 feet east and adding the name of sponsor Wintrust Bank to the left field video board. Despite being hit recently with a lawsuit from the surrounding rooftop owners, the Cubs have all of the formal paperwork approved and out of the way to begin installing the new digital signage.

No word yet if the Cubs have been able to meet the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation to clinch a spot on the National Registry of Historic Places and benefit from a $75 million federal tax credit. According to Bleed Cubbie Blue, one of the next steps in construction will be fixing the storm drains on Clark and Waveland; sewer work on Sheffield is one of the main reasons the new-look bleachers won't be open until May 11.

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