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City Publicly Shames the Very Worst Landlords in Chicago

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Problem Landlord List - Map

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Consider it something like the 21st century version of street justice, the city has gotten fed up with dealing with these overall lousy landlords and has published their names for all to see and to avoid. According to the city, these property owners, or "problem landlords" made the least for being "repeatedly cited for failing to provide tenants with basic services and protections, such as adequate heat, hot water, and working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors." However of the 59 owners listed, only one North Side property east of the Kennedy Expressway made the list. The rest are scattered throughout the South, West and Northwest sides. There's probably been a time where we've all had to deal with what we would consider a nightmare landlord, but these folks are the very worst of the worst.

In addition to the problem landlords list, the city has also released a new Building Code Scofflaw List, mapping the properties of "residential building owners with three or more properties that are the subject of active Circuit Court cases where the violations remain uncorrected after the second court hearing." In publishing these lists, the city is trying to send a message: clean up or act or face being publicly shamed.

Building Code Scofflaw List - Map

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·Problem Landlord List & Building Code Scofflaw List [City of Chicago]