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Demolition Day for Punkin' Donuts Parking Lots Draws Close

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The upcoming flatiron neighborhood fixture that BlitzLake Capital has been pushing for at the corner of Clark and Belmont is inching forward with the approval of demo permits for the Punkin' Donuts parking lot and surrounding buildings. As long as the removal of cigarette butts from the asphalt doesn't delay construction, the parking lot, along with 3220 North Clark (The Architectural Revolution) and 3216 North Clark, will soon be cleared for an eight story mixed-use structure, less of a signature part of the streetscape than was originally proposed. In a fitting ode to the neighborhood that brought us The Alley, the approval process included angst, as back-and-forth with neighbors led to a series of designs and rendering re-reveals. Now, it looks like the 90-unit spot on the busy corner is finally moving forward.
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