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West Loop Nobu Hotel Developer Chops Proposal Down

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Seven months after publicly introducing their plan to build a new boutique hotel and restaurant concept in the West Loop, the team of developers working on the Nobu Hotel plan have recently submitted their zoning application to the city. The plan has changed in the period between its formal introduction and the submission of the application materials however. Originally introduced as a 12 story building with 155 rooms, Crain's reports that the proposal that has been submitted calls for a seven story, 93 room hotel. According to the developer's zoning lawyer, this change has been made due to concerns from nearby West Loop residents. At last June's public meeting where the development team unveiled the plan, there were numerous complaints about the height of the structure, but the most heated criticisms were aimed at the Fulton-Randolph neighborhood's historic district. Even with the decrease in size, the Nobu plan is still not a sure bet as it still has to win the favor of the Department of Planning and Development.
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