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Tishman Speyer's Loop Office Tower Inching Toward Reality

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The angular glass office highrise planned for 130 N Franklin in the Loop is continuing its slow march from concept to construction site. The last time we checked in on this project, an anonymous source had told us the project was being revived from a year-long quiet period, without many supporting details. Today, the Chicago Architecture Blog is reporting that 42nd Ward Alderman Brendan Reilly (and the man whose whims determine what gets built in the downtown area) is putting his support behind the Tishman Speyer-led development, submitting paperwork at City Hall to push the project through the political machine.

So far, the current upswing in downtown development has largely focused on residential developments, with only two of the 14 highrises under construction near the year-end devoted to commercial office space. Not only would this tower be the third office highrise to be be added to our skyline within a few years, but it would perform the noble service of getting rid of one of the Loop's last few surface parking lots, as well as contributing new retail and restaurant space to the streetscape.

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