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Andersonville: The Nation's 7th Hottest 'Hood for 2015

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If you're looking to buy a home in Chicago this year, real estate listing and brokerage site Redfin says that Andersonville will be the neighborhood to watch. According to the site's latest top ten list of hottest neighborhoods in the country, Andersonville is the hottest in Chicago and the seventh hottest in the country. The pick marks a departure from the last two years, when Redfin chose the quickly gentrifying Logan Square (2013) and Humboldt Park (2014) neighborhoods. Buyers have led this shift, according to Redfin, opting for value over "hipster havens."

And if the Curbed Cup has anything to say about it, it's that Andersonville truly is a neighborhood with deep roots and residents who are die hards. Redfin broker Clayton Jirak suggests that the North Side neighborhood is attractive to both first time home buyers and those looking to upgrade, and that the neighborhood with its "abundance of charming small businesses along Clark Street paired with frequent neighborhood street festivals make Andersonville its own little village in the city of neighborhoods."

Rounding out the top five hottest neighborhoods in the Chicagoland area after Andersonville are Garfield Ridge, Brighton Park, the Lakeshore Historic District in Evanston and the Ishnala area of suburban Palos Heights.

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