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Ricketts Family Buys Three Wrigley Field Rooftop Properties

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As the Cubs organization presses ahead with the construction of its new outfield bleachers, the team's owners have announced a major deal that will certainly change the future of the dispute between the Cubs and the rooftop properties that surround Wrigley Field. Late last week, the Ricketts family announced that it had closed on three properties with rooftops that overlook Wrigley Field: 3639 N. Sheffield Ave., 3643-3645 N. Sheffield Ave. and 1032-1034 W. Waveland Ave. According to reports from the Tribune and Crain's, the Ricketts purchased the 3639 N. Sheffield Ave. property for $4.2 million while the sale price for the remaining two properties is not yet known. More than a dozen rooftop owners filed suit against the Ricketts last year over the family's $300 million plan to renovate Wrigley and add new outfield signage. However, it appears that the tables have turned as some rooftop owners sell out while others are facing foreclosure.
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