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Your Curbed Cup 2014 Neighborhood of the Year: Logan Square

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After three weeks of hard fought battles, one Chicago neighborhood has defeated the bracket of 16 'hoods to be declared the winner of the 2014 Curbed Cup — and that neighborhood is Logan Square. This final round of voting saw both sides come out en masse to defeat their opponent, but ultimately Bridgeport lost its lead and the victory to Logan Square. And in a similar fashion to previous rounds, Logan Square began each round trailing for most of the 24 hour voting period only to drum up a major last minute flood of votes to take the win. Bridgeport was no slouch however, as the South Side neighborhood knocked out the South Loop, Albany Park and Lakeview to advance to the finals. And the final match was indeed a spirited round, with readers casting over 5,200 total votes. The final vote count comes to 2,951 votes for Logan Square and 2,256 for Bridgeport. Logan Square's neighbors may be at odds with one another over new developments, but one thing they can all agree on is their belief and conviction that their neighborhood is the very best in Chicago.
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