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New Apartment Tower Replacing Ugly South Loop Garage

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The parking garage at the corner of Clark and Harrison will be getting demolished and replaced with a 24-story apartment building, according to a plan reported by Crain's Chicago Real Estate Daily just before the New Year. The Thomas Roszak-designed tower includes 202 units and 3,000 square feet of retail on the ground floor. As designed, the plan wont require a zoning change, so the proposal should be able to slip through the approval process barring any neighbor objections. With 58 planned parking spots, most likely reserved for residents, some neighbors may regret the loss of the public parking garage, but with South Clark already seeing two new apartment projects beginning in 2014 the community should be getting used to the idea of residential infill.

The project is lead by Dan and Michael Moceri, who along with Roszak are also behind West Loop's JeffJack apartments, citing the younger tech worker crowd's propensity for renting and desire to live as close to downtown as possible. The stretch of South Clark Street between Harrison and Roosevelt has already seen JDL-designed 1000 South Clark begin construction and AMLI Lofts just completing in recent months, bringing hundreds of new homes to the street that had sat stagnant since the previous construction boom. There remains a few un- or under-developed parcels on the street, technically part of the Printer's Row community of the South Loop, which could start looking more and more tempting to developers as the market heats up.

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