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West Loop Construction Update Including Gateway & Arkadia

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This year is poised to be a big one for construction crews across the city, with a huge pool of apartment and hotel complexes in the queue. We sent photographer Harry Carmichael to document some of the ongoing projects in the evolving West Loop, where buildings such as the Gateway Apartments (above) are beginning to take shape.

Gateway Apartment Towers at 11 South Green Street
This 17-story Antunovich Associates project, now boasting the beginnings of balconies, evolved quite a bit from when it was first proposed, slimming down and losing a hotel component after some back-and-forth with neighborhood groups.

Arkadia Tower at 765 West Adams
The FitzGerald Associates-designed, 33-story tower in Greektown looks poised to make its January open date. If you want to see how we arrived here, there's a great time-lapse video showing the building's construction.

Malcolm X College at Ogden and Jackson avenues
Cannon Design's streamlined vision for a new West Loop campus is beginning to come together, as you can tell by the steel skeletons taking shape. The 500,000-square foot complex, set to open in 2016, will include the new School of Health Sciences.

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