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Determined Asian Carp Are Getting Closer to Lake Michigan

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One of the area's biggest environmental threats comes from a fish, but not just any old fish. After the arrest of El Chapo, the invasive Asian carp variety has quickly become Chicago's Public Enemy No. 1 as the large fish are determined to take over the Chicago River and Lake Michigan. Recently, multiple environmental groups have sounded the alarm as Asian carp DNA has been found "less than one city block from Lake Michigan." New research has been released, and of the 228 water samples collected in October, 23 of those have tested positive for DNA from silver carp, one of several species of Asian carp that threaten Chicago waterways. However, the city and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are fighting back, proposing an $18 billion defense against the fish that could take up to 25 years to implement. Environmental groups are urging leaders and decision makers to take further action to prevent the fish from taking over the Great Lakes system. If not addressed quickly, it could be a short time until we welcome our new Asian carp overlords.
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