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Here's a $640K Mid-Century Ranch Betty Draper Would Love

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While exploring the interior of this preserved ranch in Forest Glen, it's easy to picture Betty Draper pausing, slouching and firing up a cigarette. Just look at the pastels in that kitchen! But for $640k, the five-bed, three-bath from 1954 needs a little bit more than retro charm. Perhaps the basement, boasting a stone fireplace, wooden bar and what looks like a shuffleboard court, could become your entertainment center, as well as the perfect place for an ad man to drown his sorrows and alienation with a few strong cocktails. The vintage fixtures and that wide-open living room practically beg for artfully arranged Danish furniture. At this point, it would be a step backwards for Betty, Francis and the kids, but this first-time-on-the-market home might be a good fit for anybody with a Mid-Century obsession.

·6227 North Sauganash Avenue [Redfin]