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Fully Overhauled Andersonville Farmhouse May Be Demolished

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This 132 year old farmhouse in Andersonville received a thorough and pricey overhaul several years ago, however according to a recently issued demolition permit, may soon have a date with the wrecking ball. The home's extreme makeover began in 2009 and two years later the eco-conscious gut-job was completed. However, according to Edgeville Buzz, the home has sat vacant ever since. Last summer, the "green" home hit the market with an initial asking price of $1.699 million, making it the second priciest home in Andersonville. During the course of the six months the home was on the market, it took several price cuts and was eventually sold for just $905,000 in December. Shortly after finding a buyer, the new owner applied and received a demolition permit, leaving this extensively rehabbed home's future in jeopardy.

Even with its extensive rehab, the Vertex Architects-designed home was/is still a work in progress. And because the home was essentially rebuilt from the studs up, it's not necessarily fair to call the demolition of this home a preservation loss, but it certainly does say something about the demand and desire for homes of this nature. Green homes and condos are nothing new, but do buyers really want a historic and modest farmhouse that has been transformed into an expensive contemporary showpiece? Perhaps not.

We've reached out to the seller to learn more about the home's history and uncertain future and will update when we hear more.

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