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Ann Lurie's Ginormous Historic Mansion Takes $2.75M Chop

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Ann Lurie's spectacular limestone mansion in the Gold Coast is starting off the year with a price chop, knocking $2.75 million from its asking price. The 18,500 square foot home has been on the market for nearly two years at this point and during that time, Lurie has tried a couple of different strategies to lure a potential buyer. Last April, the noted philanthropist tapped a new broker to lead the sales effort, who then split up the home from its large lot and knocked the price for the home down to $15 million. The side lot would have added on a few million bucks however. This week, the home takes its second real price chop, going from $15 million (for just the home) to $13.75 million to $11 million. The 12 bedroom, 12 bathroom home missed out on the wave of the big home sales towards the end of the year last year, but after knocking nearly $3 million off the ask, perhaps a buyer will be able to muster up some motivation to scoop up the historic mansion.

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